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Rebooted Fandom Games!!! 

Hey everyone who’s still following this blog!  With the ok from us, some cool kids made a new Fandom Games.  It’s almost the same as ours; the main difference is that each category gets one district.  (That’s a really bad explanation, I’m sorry.)  What are you waiting for?  Nothing, y/y?

You should go check it out!


-Former Mod (and I guess somewhat of a current mod) Audrey

New Followers 

Yo guys. Why are new people following? It’s done. Nill. We had a good run and the memories from the Fandom Games are great, but this blog is dead. It’s just here for the sentimental feelings.
Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, though!
-Former Admin Audrey

Well… It was a good run. 

Well, hello everyone!

This is, what I think, the last mod, Cyra.

This blog is dead. None of the mods have done anything, and some one sabotaged the games, deleted all of our important mod posts, and then mods started dropping away, and here we are.

I have no interest in continueing this blog, so, the games are over.

Thank you for all the support,


Eighth Death! 

Our next tribute to die was Kyle, from District 9 (a.k.a. Samurai Jack, not the alien movie). She got taken by Insta-Death! And also loss of tickets. Another overkill!

Since she didn’t answer anything to her death prompt, I’m not really sure what to say.

I guess she got mad?

Either way, we’re now down to 18 tributes!

May the odds be ever in your favor.


Week Four | 9.2 

Week Four | 9.2

Prompter: Cae
Tribute: Kyle (9.2)
Tribute Status: 0/2 Tickets | “Hungry” | No Possessions | Area 7
Last Update: Sunday 7/1 @ 14:30 EST
Day One (Mon/Tue): Another landslide. That does not sound very appealing… ever. Those things can kill you. You move away from what looks to be the most high risk areas. You try for cover. Further up the mountain sounds like a plan, and you head in that direction. The darkness from the night makes your vision limited, so it is probably best to bed down for the night. Anyway that you can. But, with the dropping temperature. Like, dropping faster temperature, moving might be better. The wind starts to pick up, coming from the right of you. Coming from the side where the volcano lies. You can hear the wind howl through the trees and it sends chills down your spine. Like a wolf calling to it’s pack. Pretty much, nothing good. You wrap your arms around your body, trying to retain your body heat, but it fails to work. Your teeth chatter incessantly, tremors racking your body frequently. You pull your hands away from your body, grimacing as you notice that not only have you lost all feeling in your hands, but they are as pale as a ghost, the tips as blue as the daytime sky. You shove them back into your armpits. the warmest place on your body right now, shivering again as the cold of your fingers touches one of the few warm places on your body. You stumble, looking down to see a rock or something, but it is only your own feet. You might as well be drunk with your ability to control your movements at this point. You think there is a name for what you have, but your mind is so scrambled and slow right now you can barely think. Almost as if you studied all night for a math test just to sit down and forget basic addition. Your breath is labored and your pulse is weak. Very weak. You try and gage the time since you lost feeling in your fingers. Two hours ago. Your heart rate is erratic. To fast. To slow. Just all over the place. It comes to the point where your brain just can’t walk anymore. You are freezing to death. Literally. It has been hours since the first time it crossed your mind that night time, no shirt, and the mountains did not add up to Kyle surviving the night. Honestly. At this point, your brain is so muddled that the tree ahead of you looks appealing and you settle down against the trunk. Your breath is shallow and just moving the few feet to the tree makes you stumble and fall. You are too weak to even move all the way to the tree and just lay where you fell. Within thirty minutes, death takes hold of your soul and you breath your last breath, shallow and gasping. Well, at least you went out with a bang… not really. More like dried ice. But still. At least you are not suffering anymore. You still have the life beyond or becoming Johnny Weeping Willow, whatever you prefer.
[Congrats… sorta. You are dead. Not only did you die from the loss of a ticket, but you also died from being chosen for instant death. So. Could be worse. Anyways. This is kinda your last shout out to the world, so say whatever you want. Make up laugh. Make us cry. Strip naked and run across the area. Your choice. Anyways. The odds were not in your favor, so… grab some popcorn and watch from heaven or something. I hear they have good cable.]
Response: [None given]

Week Four | 9.1 

Week Four | 9.1

Prompter: Bia
Tribute: Mad Jack (9.1)
Tribute Status: 2/2 Tickets | “Well Fed” | Mangoes [3] | Area 3
Last Update: Sunday 7/1 @ 14:30 EST
Day One (Mon/Tue): As you wander deeper into the forest looking for shelter, the temperature starts to drop drastically, and amidst the your very short line of sight you start to see your breath condensing in front of you. In a strike of luck, you suddenly reach a small clearing where the sun shines, providing a welcoming warmth. You look around you and notice the trees and bushes around you are bursting into several fruits, many of them unknown. You notice some fallen fruits by a tree nearby you. This seems to be a good enough shelter spot. But something on the way the forest suddenly becomes quiet sets you off. Do you stay around and investigate the cause for the sudden silence; push forward and find another spot, risking the lowering temperatures; or stay in the clearing and make camp anyway?
Response: Stalking around silently, I investigate the reason for silence. It may affect my survival…

Null Day. 

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Day Two of Week Four will be rendered null.

Day Three will resume as though nothing happened. 


Week 4 | 2.1 

Prompter: Ender

Tribute: Kristina (2.1)

Tribute Status: 4/4 Tickets | “Starving” | Axe | Area 4

Last Update: 26 June @ 11 PM


Day One (Mon/Tue):  The blanket is warmer than you thought it would be. And the ground seems pretty soft. And you don’t hear anything bad coming…maybe you should rest. Just close your eyes for a little bit and

You hear scratching, and that wakes you slowly. You try half successfully to blink the sleep out of your eyes, and try to see what the sound is being made by. A small rat is nearby, scraping at a nearby tree. You swing at it with the axe you never let go of groggily, having just woken up, and you think you hit it, based on the noise it just made. You stand up, ignoring the irritated creaks your body makes, and walk over. Yup, you hit it. But now you need to eat it. And you have nothing to make fire with. You feel a breeze and it cools you down. Not a lot, but enough that you think it’s going to start getting colder. You could move, you think, to a less windy place, or just stick it out here and make something to keep you warm. This place leads to a volcano one way, and to a river in a direction you know is north. Do you want to explore here for fire-starters or move on to a different, warmer, potentially holding fire-starters place?

Response: I chose to move to a new place. It looks like I’ll be spending my time looking for fire starters than actually making the fire and getting warmth. I need to look for a place that will conceal the fire as well. I’ll go with the river so I can at least get some water!

Week 4 | 3.2 

Prompter: Ender

Tribute: Paige (3.2)

Tribute Status: 4/4 Tickets | “Hungry” | Utility Belt, Hunting Knife [1] | Area 3

Last Update: 26 June @ 6 PM


Day One (Mon/Tues): You let yourself sleep, under the shade of some trees. Before you know it, the sun is rising and wakes you up. But you think about food. You didn’t get any last night, and you seriously want it now. The forest seems to have a bunch of small animals, and you think you can catch them with the hunting knife you have. But the forest has a flip side-if you decide to stay here, you could get hurt by things you don’t know about. Who knows what lurks in the forest? You were lucky enough to make it through the night. You can move on to the Cornucopia, the base of a volcano, or a waterfall forest area. Do you want to move on, or look around here?

Response: I’m going to look around the area I’m in. My best chances of finding food mean hunting game that’s dependant on the water source. If I can secure something to eat I’ll consider moving from my location.

Seventh death! 

Things are really going fast now and getting faster as we reach our seventh death of the games!

This time it was Techy, the second tribute from District 1. She leaves tribute Jade alone to defend the MLP fandom.

We are down to 19 tributes alive.

May the odds be ever in your favor!