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What is ‘The Fandom Games’?

The Fandom Games is an interactive tumblr project based on The Hunger Games. 24 randomly chosen tributes from the 12 ‘districts’ (aka fandoms) will go head to head for the chance of being crowned a victor!

How will you decide which fandoms are districts?

You guys will submit fandoms for the certain categories (TV shows, movies, etc). We’ll put out a post for the fandom. In reblogging it, you’ll support for your fandom! The post with the most notes is District 1, 2nd most popular is District 2, and all the way to 12.

Can I reblog more than one of those posts?


How do I become a tribute?

Once the districts are chosen, we’ll put out a tribute post. You can reblog it only 3 times, and we’ll choose a tribute from the reblogs.

Also, you can ONLY reblog the tribute post from only one district. Failing to follow these rules will result in elimination. 

What do I do if I’m not a tribute?

Support your district! :) I want this to be fun for all, so fanworks, posts, etc, would be great! I want people in the fandom to get involved!


If this project goes well, I might do it again! So there might be a second chance for your fandom!

How will the games work?

Here’s the fun part:

All the districts have what we like to call tickets. The more popular districts-District 1 being the most popular-have more, the less popular have fewer. 

These tickets will determine if the tribute is dead or alive. I’ll explain.

The head admin will go to the tributes’s ask boxes. She’ll ask a yes or no question (e.g. Do you stay on the path?). The tributes’s answers determines what happens to the tickets. The tickets can either be pulled out or left as they are. Each day we’ll continue to ask yes or no questions, with the result of either pulling out or leaving tickets. 

If all a tribute’s tickets are pulled out, that means they’re dead. Gone. Out of the game.

The person with the last remaining ticket is the victor!

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