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FAQ 2 

Okay, so what are these categories for? Are there going to be multiple games?

Well, yes!

Due to the sheer amount of fandoms, I figured giving more fandoms a chance would be a cool thing! (Plus it’ll keep this blog active longer!)

At this point there are 5 categories: TV shows, Movies/Books, Anime/Manga, Gaming/Comics, and Miscellaneous.

We had an issue about music being a fandom, but for now, that’s on hold. There was complete chaos about bands in the running, so until we make it an official thing, it’s in consideration. 

First one up will be TV Shows, and I’ll be running it. Hopefully if all goes smoothly the other admins could run the rest. :)

Will there be multiple games going on at once?

Nope! Just one at a time.

If I’m a tribute in one of the games, does that mean I can’t be in another?


What if I reblogged the tribute post and wasn’t picked?

Then you’re free to reblog in one of the other games, and you can still support your fandom through fanworks! 

Any changes to the game itself?

Only a few.

The main one is we’ll give the tributes an interview-like thing. The Head Admin will go to tributes’s asks and leave them messages. We’ll post their replies, and the most popular and best replies will give them extra tickets!


Obviously not allowed. There are only two ways that you can cheat:

  1. Reblogging the tribute post more than 3 times, or
  2. hacking another persons account.

That’s pretty much it. We had an issue very recently where a fandom created a puppet account to reblog a fandom post. Yeah because the Dan Vs. fandom was the only one with a puppet account That is not cheating. We don’t have many rules, but our one rule is “Go. Nuts.” and gosh darn it, we stand by it. We said you could reblog the post as much as you wanted to.

Any cheating (of the 2 examples above) will result in immediate disqualification.

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    CLEARLY STATES THAT THE DAN vs. FANDOM DID NOT CHEAT. I’m not even in that fandom, but people please stop being jerks!
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    I am so excited also it makes my choices easier (I can go for Doctor Who, Homestuck, and PMMM which is really nice)...
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