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Last Update: Saturday 6/9 @ 8:30 am EST


District 1: MLP

Banked Gifts: 0/0

District 2: Avatar:TLA/LOK

Banked Gifts: 3/3

District 3: Dan Vs

Banked Gifts: 0/0

District 4: Torchwood

Banked Gifts: 0/0

District 5: Supernatural

Banked Gifts: 17/17

District 6: Sherlock

Banked Gifts: 4/4

District 7: Primeval

Banked Gifts: 1/1

District 8: Bones

Banked Gifts: 2/2

District 9: Samurai Jack

Banked Gifts: 12/12

District 10: Castle

Banked Gifts: 0/0

District 11: Doctor Who

Banked Gifts: 1/1

District 12: Invader Zim

Banked Gifts: 0/0

District 13: Young Justice

Banked Gifts: 1/1

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