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As a reminder, District 7 is Primeval. The tributes from this district are AJ and Elisabeth. If you want to help keep these two tributes from starving during the games reblog this to show your support!

How this works: A food product will be banked in the sponsor shop for each 250 notes that this post recieves, and will be used to keep the tributes hunger status up. This hunger status is ranked from “well fed” to “hungry” to “starving”. If a tribute becomes starving they lose one ticket. Then for every day (prompt) they remain starving they will lose an additional ticket. However, if their district has food banked in the sponsor shop the tribute will use that gift (instead of becoming starving), and no tickets will be lost. So this is very important!

There is no limit on the number of times, or the number of blogs that you use to reblog this post. So go crazy!

This post will be active from today (May 27th), and will be closed down only when both tributes from this district have died.

To view the the sponsor shop, with links to each support post click here. To view each tributes hunger status click here.

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