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Week Three | 11.2 

Week Three | 11.2

Prompter: Bia
Tribute: Todd (11.2)
Tribute Status: Tribute 2: Tribute 2: 2/2 | “Well Fed” | n/a | Area 7
Last Update: Tuesday 6/13 @ 1:00 pm EST
Day One (Mon/Tue): You follow the goat for a while, but the sun quickly starts to set and you lose track of it. At the top of the range, the cold of the night quickly starts to take over you. If you make your way down again, you might be able to escape hypothermia, but you don’t know which animals might stalk you. And with the darkness, it’s impossible to explore any of your surroundings. Do you climb back down to a warmer place, or make camp for the night on the nearest tree?
Response: I climb the nearest tree and make camp.
Day Two (Wed/Thu): You climb a high enough tree to conceal yourself, but at the same time not high enough to put you in danger in case you fall. After such a insane day, you think it might take a while to fall asleep, however your mind drifts off quite easily. You wrap yourself around your tarp to avoid hypothermia. Just as you’re about to slip off, you notice a bush right above you filled with purple berries. Do you choose to make a midnight snack before falling asleep or do you just leave the berries be?
Response: I decide to take the berries, but I do not eat them right now as I am not sure if they’re harmless or not. And then attempt to fall asleep. I will have a better look at them in the morning.