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Week 4 | 3.2 

Prompter: Ender

Tribute: Paige (3.2)

Tribute Status: 4/4 Tickets | “Hungry” | Utility Belt, Hunting Knife [1] | Area 3

Last Update: 26 June @ 6 PM


Day One (Mon/Tues): You let yourself sleep, under the shade of some trees. Before you know it, the sun is rising and wakes you up. But you think about food. You didn’t get any last night, and you seriously want it now. The forest seems to have a bunch of small animals, and you think you can catch them with the hunting knife you have. But the forest has a flip side-if you decide to stay here, you could get hurt by things you don’t know about. Who knows what lurks in the forest? You were lucky enough to make it through the night. You can move on to the Cornucopia, the base of a volcano, or a waterfall forest area. Do you want to move on, or look around here?

Response: I’m going to look around the area I’m in. My best chances of finding food mean hunting game that’s dependant on the water source. If I can secure something to eat I’ll consider moving from my location.