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Week 4 | 2.1 

Prompter: Ender

Tribute: Kristina (2.1)

Tribute Status: 4/4 Tickets | “Starving” | Axe | Area 4

Last Update: 26 June @ 11 PM


Day One (Mon/Tue):  The blanket is warmer than you thought it would be. And the ground seems pretty soft. And you don’t hear anything bad coming…maybe you should rest. Just close your eyes for a little bit and

You hear scratching, and that wakes you slowly. You try half successfully to blink the sleep out of your eyes, and try to see what the sound is being made by. A small rat is nearby, scraping at a nearby tree. You swing at it with the axe you never let go of groggily, having just woken up, and you think you hit it, based on the noise it just made. You stand up, ignoring the irritated creaks your body makes, and walk over. Yup, you hit it. But now you need to eat it. And you have nothing to make fire with. You feel a breeze and it cools you down. Not a lot, but enough that you think it’s going to start getting colder. You could move, you think, to a less windy place, or just stick it out here and make something to keep you warm. This place leads to a volcano one way, and to a river in a direction you know is north. Do you want to explore here for fire-starters or move on to a different, warmer, potentially holding fire-starters place?

Response: I chose to move to a new place. It looks like I’ll be spending my time looking for fire starters than actually making the fire and getting warmth. I need to look for a place that will conceal the fire as well. I’ll go with the river so I can at least get some water!