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Week Four | 9.1 

Week Four | 9.1

Prompter: Bia
Tribute: Mad Jack (9.1)
Tribute Status: 2/2 Tickets | “Well Fed” | Mangoes [3] | Area 3
Last Update: Sunday 7/1 @ 14:30 EST
Day One (Mon/Tue): As you wander deeper into the forest looking for shelter, the temperature starts to drop drastically, and amidst the your very short line of sight you start to see your breath condensing in front of you. In a strike of luck, you suddenly reach a small clearing where the sun shines, providing a welcoming warmth. You look around you and notice the trees and bushes around you are bursting into several fruits, many of them unknown. You notice some fallen fruits by a tree nearby you. This seems to be a good enough shelter spot. But something on the way the forest suddenly becomes quiet sets you off. Do you stay around and investigate the cause for the sudden silence; push forward and find another spot, risking the lowering temperatures; or stay in the clearing and make camp anyway?
Response: Stalking around silently, I investigate the reason for silence. It may affect my survival…