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Week Four | 11.2 

Week Four | 11.2

Prompter: Bia
Tribute: Todd (11.2)
Tribute Status: Tribute 2: Tribute 2: 2/2 | “Well Fed” | n/a | Area 7
Last Update: Tuesday 6/26 @ 00:30 EST
Day One (Mon/Tue): You wake up to the rising sun after actually having rest for a few hours. The tarp has kept you warm for the night, even if the little droplets of dew sitting on it. There’s a dense mist around the forest, as the sun rays break through the foliage. You stretch, having the luxury of a few peaceful minutes to yourself. You take a look over the berries you had collected before falling asleep. They seem to be deep dark purple, with a format that reminds you of raspberries. You smell them and they seem to be very sweet with a hint of sour taste. As you are analyzing them, your stomach rumbles. This might be the only time of the day you have to eat, and you seem to have a hefty amount of berries that should hold you until the night. However, you’re still not sure about the danger of eating them, even if they seem sweet and harmless. Do you eat them anyway or put them away and move forward?
Response: I am hungry and the berries seem harmless. In the games, you need to take risks to win, and that’s what I am going to do. I could either die from starvation or die from the berries. Better take the risk with the berries and hope.

Week Three | 11.2 

Week Three | 11.2

Prompter: Bia
Tribute: Todd (11.2)
Tribute Status: Tribute 2: Tribute 2: 2/2 | “Well Fed” | n/a | Area 7
Last Update: Tuesday 6/13 @ 1:00 pm EST
Day One (Mon/Tue): You follow the goat for a while, but the sun quickly starts to set and you lose track of it. At the top of the range, the cold of the night quickly starts to take over you. If you make your way down again, you might be able to escape hypothermia, but you don’t know which animals might stalk you. And with the darkness, it’s impossible to explore any of your surroundings. Do you climb back down to a warmer place, or make camp for the night on the nearest tree?
Response: I climb the nearest tree and make camp.
Day Two (Wed/Thu): You climb a high enough tree to conceal yourself, but at the same time not high enough to put you in danger in case you fall. After such a insane day, you think it might take a while to fall asleep, however your mind drifts off quite easily. You wrap yourself around your tarp to avoid hypothermia. Just as you’re about to slip off, you notice a bush right above you filled with purple berries. Do you choose to make a midnight snack before falling asleep or do you just leave the berries be?
Response: I decide to take the berries, but I do not eat them right now as I am not sure if they’re harmless or not. And then attempt to fall asleep. I will have a better look at them in the morning.

Week Two | 11.2 

Week Two | 11.2

Prompter: Bia
Tribute: Todd (11.2)
Last Update: Saturday 6/9 @ 10:00 pm EST
Day One (Mon/Tue): What it seemed to be a hard climb, turned out to be easy enough. The rocks were firm and dry enough to make it seem like a simple climbing wall, in which you had trained on during the training week in the Capitol. As you reach the top you realize you made the right choice, as the gentle incline seems to be just a huge pile of mud concealed by grass. As you sit down to rest, you look up and notice a district 13 tribute watching you from the other side of the stream! Before you even have time to think on what action to take concerning the tribute, you head a landslide followed by a scream coming from your right. Someone must have taken the muddy path. You notice the district 13 tribute got distracted by the sound. Do you choose to take advantage of this to flee or to attack the tribute? Or do you choose to investigate the cause of the noise?
Response: I choose to flee. My priority right now is water and that is where I will continue to try and find.
Day Two (Wed/Thu): You turn on your heels and sprint away from the tribute, putting both the district thirteen tribute and the scream in the distance. You begin to climb the range, noticing that the other tribute chose to run towards the forest rather than the mountain range. You slow your climb after a few minutes, looking out at the arena behind you. The mountain range has given you the height to view the western forest, and the waterfall father west. You can also see the two eastern rivers that lie beyond the grassy field. You turn back to the mountain range, knowing that something must lie behind it, although the climb up could be risky. Would you like to stay where you are and explore this region of the mountain more, or move onto a new area in the arena?
Response: I would like to stay and explore this region more.
Day Three (Fri/Sat): A large goat wanders by you as you attempt to make yourself more familiar with the surrounding area. You get a good view of the beast as it turns to climb higher up the cliff side and you know immediately that, with those horns, this is not an animal that you would like to go head to head with. However, a mountain goat would know this area best, seeing as this place is its home. Would you like to follow it from a distance, and see if it leads you anywhere promising? Or would you prefer to keep your distance altogether, and move somewhere else?
Response: I would like to follow it, but from a distance. A goat must eat and drink, so food and water must be close by.

Week One | 11.2 

Week One | 11.2

Prompter: Ara / Cae / Bia
Tribute: Todd (11.2)
Late Update: Sunday 6/3 @ 6:53 am EST
Day One: A green bundle is the first thing you see. It nearly blended in will the soft green grass, but your were close near to it that it immediately jumped out at you. Eyes eyes travel up, momentarily districted by a nagging feeling in your gut. There it is. The red eruption or metal that makes up the Cornucopia. It shoots out from the ground a good distance away from where you now stand, a menacing mixture of burning red and dark shadows. 13... 12... 11... The announcers voice shocks you back into the present, the green bundle. Your eyes bore down upon it, until finally the shock wears off and you recognize what you are seeing. It’s a tarp. 10... 9... 8... The mystery solved you look back up, to the Cornucopia and to the circle of tributes. A familiar face flashes across your line of sight, your ally! Only a few tributes stand between you and the first tribute from district four. But those tributes could be the difference between life and death. As you look directly to your right it would seem only one tribute could stand in the way of your tarp, which lies waiting only a few feet in from of you. 7... 6... 5... You try and think but the clock is ticking. 4... 3... 2... So what will it be? The tarp or your ally? Or perhaps the terrain that surrounds you will offer a safer harbor than those two. 1...
Response: The tarp.
Day Two: NULL
Response: NULL
Day Three: You leap from the pedestal, unsure if you are the only tribute who has eyes for the tarp. But you have to risk it, knowing that this item could make or break the games for you. Your feet make it to the ground and you sprint forward, covering the short distance in just a few seconds. Your hands reach for the tarp and… another tribute has reached the tarp as well! You straighten, hesitating. Your eyes widen as you recognize the tribute as Kosmos, from district 10. You glance from the tarp to the tribute in front you, wondering if it really worth it. Will you fight her for it, or turn your back and run?
Response: I run away, allowing Kosmos the opportunity to take the tarp, but in hope, to keep myself alive.
Day Four: NULL
Response: NULL
Day Five: You watch as your fellow tribute hesitates when she notices that you are both going after the same tarp. It does not look as if she wishes to fight you over this item and her hesitation allows you time to rush forward and scoop the tarp off the ground. You look around at the other tributes fleeing the scene and you decide that it is probably best for you to do the same. It appears that you have three options. You can either head to the forest, a popular spot it seems, the mountain range, might be good for water, but other things might lurk there too, or the field, it’s tall waving grass looking inviting in an almost foreboding way. What do you pick?
Response: I choose to run for the mountain range where water is more than likely. Water at this current time is an essential.
Day Six: With the tarp securely wrapped inside your hand, you quickly reach the bottom of a small mountain. The treeline suddenly thickens and it provides a breeze, welcoming against the heat of the arena. As the forest thickens even more, you start to feel fatigued from the climb. Luckily, you hear the sound of what it seems to be a stream near you. As you walk towards it you realize the stream is sitting on a higher level than you. You see two patches leading to it: one seems to be a gentle incline covered in thick grass. The other is a steep climb on what it seems to be firm and dry rock.
Around you there’s nothing but the sound of what it seems to be frogs and several insects. You look around and see a poisonous spider climbing up a tree. You realize that, with your tarp, climbing in a tree will provide shelter and coverage near an unknown water source. However, the insects living there may be a danger.
Do you choose to move forward toward the stream by the gentle incline, the steep climb or set up camp where you are?
Response: I decide to take the steep climb up in hope for when I reach the top, I can rest.

Todd’s Interview (11.2) 

Welcome to the interviews!  Calm down, the questions aren’t too daunting, are they? With that being said, congratulations on becoming a tribute and be prepared to answer the questions below! -Watdaballz

• If you could trade one district currently in the games for another TV show fandom, what TV show fandom would you swap out and which one would you replace with it?

If I was able to replace a district for another fandom it would District 8, Bones for Pokemon.

• Who would you join in an alliance with if you could?

It’s a tight choice. I would join alliance with District 4, Torchwood or District 6, Sherlock. I would more likely choose Torchwood because of our previous meetings in the past where they have helped us save the planet Earth from the Daleks.

• What is your weapon of choice? Or rather, what would you run to first at the Cornucopia?

My weapon of choice, even though it’s more of a tool, would be my trusty Sonic Screwdriver. Though, it might fail in the games as it doesn’t work on wood T_T

• Write a backstory about your life in District 11 using only 11 words.

We have saved planet earth a lot, yet no-one knows.

• Anything else you may add?

I am afraid the Daleks would of been a piece of cake to defeat compared to the tributes in the Hunger Games.

District 11 | Tribute 2 


Name: Todd (daleksvscybermen)

District AttributeDOCTOR WHO are accomplished runners. 

Tribute Quote: “Hi, I am Todd. I am the the 2nd tribute for District 11 (Doctor Who). I currently live in Newcastle, Australia. I am 17 years old. My 2 favourite things in the world are Doctor Who and Pokemon. I don’t have too much to say right now as I don’t know what to say, if you follow me, you’ll work me out I am sure.

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