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Week Three | 12.1 

Week Three | 12.1

Prompter: Bia
Tribute: Kendra (12.2)
Tribute Status: Tribute 2: Tribute 1: 2/2 | “Well Fed” | n/a | Area 3
Last Update: Tuesday 6/13 @ 3:00 pm EST
Day One (Mon/Tue): Just as you finish colleting branches and sticks, the night begins to settle in. The forest quickly becomes colder. You can quickly start a fire now, but the light might attract no only other predators, but other tributes as well. The forest doesn’t seem to get so freezing, and you might be able to pass the night without a fire. Do you choose to make a fire and make camp, make camp as you are, or keep moving forward?
Response: Make a camp without fire. If there’s any alternative to keeping warm around, use that.

Week Two | 12.1 

Week Two | 12.1

Prompter: Bia
Tribute: Kendra (12.1)
Last Update: Tuesday 6/5 @ 10:00 pm EST
Day One (Mon/Tue): Just as you’re gathering some sticks and branches to make camp, you realize what was the cause for the sudden silence in the clearing. Right in front of you there is a huge snake, with its head standing as tall as your eye level. The snake hisses at you, trying to feel the air with its tongue, knowing something isn’t quite right there. You have to quickly make a decision: do you attack the snake, flee, or stand perfectly still and hope it will go away?
Response: I stay very still, but remember to try to move very slowly if the snake does move toward me.
Day Two (Wed/Thu): You stand as still as a statue, hoping that the snake will turn its back on you. It begins to slink forward, closer and closer to you. You take one slow step back, hoping the the snake wont notice you if you can keep your distance. It slows just as you make your move, testing the air around you with a flick of its tongue. It begins to turn in another direction, away from you when the wind blows from in front of you. You breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the wind is in your favor today, pushing your scent away from the snake. It takes one last look around with its tongue before moving back into the forest, leaving you behind. Do you risk staying to finish collecting sticks and branches, or would you like to take what you have now and leave this area behind?
Response: Finish collecting sticks and branches
Day Three (Fri/Sat): NULL (prompter emergency)
Response: NULL (prompter emergency)

Week One | 12.1 

Week One | 12.1

Prompter: Ender / Cae / Bia
Tribute: Kendra (12.1)
Last Updated: Saturday 6/2 @ 5:33 pm EST
Day One: You’ve trained for this moment. You’ve prepared for the games and now they’re actually happening. You try not to think about having to kill other people, and instead try to focus on where you’ve just been taken. It’s a large clearing, the center of which is dominated by the Cornucopia. It’s something that sets your stomach churning-a bright, gleaming, red thing that seems sharp and evil. You look away from it and look for supplies. An item has been placed directly in front of you-a set of hunting knives, two of them. Hunting knives would be good in the games. But getting hurt here would not. Do you run for them or go away from the Cornucopia?
Response: Go away from the Cornucopia. Its not worth the risk to get hurt.
Day Two: NULL
Response: NULL
Day Three: The horn blows. Tributes rush forward, like starving wolves. It is complete and total chaos. You immediately spin on the balls of your feet, turning away from the disaster that is bound to fall upon the metal structure. If it is red now you have no idea how red it is going to be in the future. You flee from the scene, there is no way that anything that you might gain from the cornucopia is worth risking your life. Better safe than sorry. You turn your head from left to right, scanning the terrain. Where is the best place to run to? A forest to the west. Shade and shelter would be plentiful, but you have no idea what might be lurking in the trees. To the east there is a field. Tall grass. You can see it from here. Anyone could get lost in that grass. Hell, you could get lost. But, to the north there is also a small mountain range. It might be your best chance to get water, but you can't be sure about it. It might not even be clean. It also overlooks the the valley where the cornucopia lays. You might be able to obtain a slightly unobstructed view. You are running out of time. You have to pick a direction before you get cut off from one of them or worse, get chased by another tribute. So, where do you run? To the forest, the field, or the mountain range?
Response: Run to the forest to find shelter
Day Four: NULL
Response: NULL
Day Five: You race towards the dark forest towards the west. Shade is sounding really appealing right now, sweat already dripping down your back from a combination of the heat and the physical exertion that you are putting on your body. To make it to the thick tree line, glancing back to see quite a few other tributes are heading in the same direction that you are. Clearly a lot of other people could see the advantage of the forest, just like you did. You break into the forest, the dramatic change in lighting making you squint and practically run into a tree. Your eyes finally adjust to the light and you try and see how far you can see into the forest. Not very. With another glance behind you you decide to run further into the forest, hoping that you can find something worthwhile deeper in. You see a break in the trees, light making a circle in the grass. You enter the clearing at look up at the sky which you have not seen since you entered the forest. Looking up in the clearing you see a looming peak of a mountaintop to your left. If you ran that way you are sure to reach the bottom of the mountain and be able to make your way up it. It might give you a decent view of the entire area if you are able to make it to the top. You listen very carefully, trying to block out the sounds of the forest and you think that you can hear what might be a waterfall, or a river, or it could just be a predator up in the leaves, to your right, you can't be sure. You need to make a choice. Do you stay in the forest, make your way to the base of the mountain, go to what sounds like water, or head back to the cornucopia?
Response: Stay in the forest and continue looking for shelter.
Day Six: As you wander deeper into the forest looking for shelter, the temperature starts to drop drastically, and amidst the your very short line of sight you start to see your breath condensing in front of you. In a strike of luck, you suddenly reach a small clearing where the sun shines, providing a welcoming warmth. You look around you and notice the trees and bushes around you are bursting into several fruits, many of them unknown. You notice some fallen fruits by a tree nearby you. This seems to be a good enough shelter spot. But something on the way the forest suddenly becomes quiet sets you off.
Do you stay around and investigate the cause for the sudden silence; push forward and find another spot, risking the lowering temperatures; or stay in the clearing and make camp anyway?
Response: Stay in the clearing and make camp.

Kendra’s Interview (12.1) 

Watdaballz here to give you your interview!  Welcome to the Capitol.  I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay so far.  It’s question time, so get ready! -Watdaballz

• Find the 10th reaction gif in your gif folder, and somehow relate it to part of the Fandom Games!


 Who would you join in an alliance with if you could?

Psshh yeah!!!! Im actually part of like 3 other fandoms participating in this, but Invader Zim will always be my favorite. =u=

• If you had to choose a color to describe your district, what would you choose and why?

DARK PURPLE because purple appears a lot in Invader Zim <3

• What is your weapon of choice? Or rather, what would you run to first at the Cornucopia?

Squeak… Thats hard…. Im probably not allowed to choose a giant spaceship armada or a killer mini-moose, so I’ll have to go with a knife. A nice, sharp, knife. Or a sword. Thats cool too.

• Anything else you may add?

I love this fandom so much and am thankful I could represent us!!! <3 Thank you admins for all you do. ouo

District 12 | Tribute 1 

Name: Kendra (thepregnanttree)

District Attribute: INVADER ZIM can camouflage and disguise themselves with ease.

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