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Week 4 | 2.2 

Prompter: Ender

Tribute: Llama (2.2)

Tribute Status: 3/4 Tickets | “Starving” | No possessions | Area 13

Last Update: Monday, 25 June


Day One: (Mon/Tue): You try fishing for a while, but without the fire, it’s useless, and you only succeed in getting your clothes wet. Eventually you decide to go to rest under a tree, and you sleep. When you wake up you hear the chatter of some strange animal. You look upwards, into the tree leaves, and a small furry face looks back at you. The thing chatters at you for a bit and scampers away, still talking to some other creature. The waterfall still has fish, and water, and man are you hungry. You could fish, or try to catch one of the lemur-looking thingys. You think about making a fire, also, but you don’t have anything with you. Or, maybe, you could just move on. You can go to a volcano (which has no water), the east coast (which has more water), or a river to the south (even more water). Do you want to move, or look around here (and what, specifically, would you do?)?

Response: It’s too dangerous to stay in one place. I will go south to the river and look for food along the way.



Prompter: Ara
Tribute: Llama (2.2)
Tribute Status: 3/4 Tickets | “Hungry” | No Possessions | Area 13
Last Update: Monday 6/11 @ 11:00 pm EST
Day One (Mon/Tue): You move out into the open of the land around the the lake, but as you do the sun begins to drip down in the sky. Already the trees and water around you are growing darker and darker as the night approaches. You scan the area quickly, determined that (for now) there are no tributes in the immediate area. Would you like to attempt to collect some food before it becomes to dark to do so, or find a place to take shelter for the approaching night? Perhaps, with the dropping temperatures, it would be worth it to start a fire and attempt to fish by its light?
Response: I will try and fish without the fire, then find shelter as soon as it gets too dark to see.

Week Two | 2.2 

Week Two | 2.2

Prompter: Ara
Tribute: Llama (2.2)
Last Update: Saturday 6/9 @ 9:00 am EST
Day One (Mon/Tue): Ripping of the worst of the torn pants you fashion them into the best makeshift bandage that you can. Your hands are stained red with your own blood, and the sight sicken you. Taking a deep breath you try to calm yourself. And that's when you hear it. The soft trickle of nearby water. You pick yourself up, and begin a slow walk towards where you believe the water is. You must be going in the right direction, because the sound is getting louder and more clear. The ground beneath your feet becomes more moist, saturated with water. It takes you just a few more moments before you reach the source of it, but when you do you know it was worth the trouble. The river moves at a lazy pace, but at least it is moving. Would you like to clean you wound in it?
Response: I will clean my wound in the river and fashion a new bandage from my pants.
Day Two (Wed/Thu): You position yourself carefully on the edge of the river bank, and slowly peel the soaked bandage from your leg. The claw marks are ugly, and red blood still oozing out of them when touched. But they are not as deep as you original thought, although the pain still makes your leg throb. You scoot yourself further into the water, letting the slow moving river rinse your cuts and clean them as best as possible. With your hands you take your hastily make bandage and rinse it out in the water. As the blood flows away you turn the cloth over in your hands, recognizing now that the tears you made weren't such a wreck after all. All the cloth needs is some adjustments and it will make a fine cover for your leg. Behind you is a noise that causes your head to whip around, expecting some form of bad news. As you suspected, a large black cat (no doubt the one that attacked you earlier) crashes through the bushes just a few yards down the river. This entrance was nothing like the first encounter you had with it, and you recognize now that the creature must be injured. But by who? Another tribute? The cat lies motionless, and you can't be sure whether it is dead or alive. But you can be sure that it hasn't noticed you. However, that doesn't mean that you are safe. The tribute (or animal) who injured it could be right on the cat's heals, about to burst through the foliage as well. Would you like to risk staying longer to secure your bandage properly? Or even more riskily, inspect the cat further for resources in the hopes that it is dead (but not being followed)? Or high tail it out of there as fast as you can?
Response: I will travel upstream, sticking close to the river and moving as fast as I can without further straining my leg.
Day Three (Fri/Sat): You move upstream, making slow progress but also making a lot of noise. You stay close to the edge of the river, knowing that at any moment a nearby tribute (or animal) might hear your movement and try attack. The river could be your means of escape if it came to that. It feels as though every twig snap is screaming out the the rest of the jungle, but no one appears. The speed of the river increases, and in the distance you can hear the sound of water falling from a great height. You move around a bend in the river, and just then the waterfall comes into view, a tall cliff from which water pours from endlessly. You look up at in awe, before coming to your senses. At the base of the waterfall is a large lake area, and anyone on its edge could have seen you. You fall back into the nearby brush, careful of your injured leg. Your stomach growls, and you know that your should eat soon. Would you like to scout out the lake, and try and fish? Or would you rather fall back further into the jungle and look for berries, fruit, or small game to hunt?
Response: I will attempt to scout out the lake.

Week One | 2.2 

Week One | 2.2

Prompter: Tabi / Cae / Ara
Tribute: Llama (2.2)
Last Update: Sunday 6/3 @ 10:00 pm EST
Day One: You stand waiting, you feel the heat on your skin and see the fire-red Cornucopia before you. 13... 12... 11... The announcers voice booms as your eyes adjust to the bright light, 10... 9... 8... just few feet away from you lies a Throwing Knives (set of four). 7... 6... 5... To the right of you, you see another tribute that might go for them as well. 4... 3... 2... Do you attempt to collect this item, or turn away from the potential blood bath? 1...
Response: I turn away.
Day Two: NULL
Response: NULL
Day Three: The horn blows. Tributes rush forward, like starving wolves. It is complete and total chaos. You immediately spin on the balls of your feet, turning away from the disaster that is bound to fall upon the metal structure. If it is red now you have no idea how red it is going to be in the future. You flee from the scene, there is no way that anything that you might gain from the cornucopia is worth risking your life. Better safe than sorry. You turn your head from left to right, scanning the terrain. Where is the best place to run to? A forest to the west. Shade and shelter would be plentiful, but you have no idea what might be lurking in the trees. To the east there is a field. Tall grass. You can see it from here. Anyone could get lost in that grass. Hell, you could get lost. But, to the north there is also a small mountain range. It might be your best chance to get water, but you can't be sure about it. It might not even be clean. It also overlooks the the valley where the cornucopia lays. You might be able to obtain a slightly unobstructed view. You are running out of time. You have to pick a direction before you get cut off from one of them or worse, get chased by another tribute. So, where do you run? To the forest, the field, or the mountain range?
Response: I will run to the forest
Day Four: NULL (tribute failed to respond)
Response: NULL (tribute failed to respond)
Day Six: You stand motionless, unmoving as the minutes and hours tick by. The jungle becomes accustomed to your presence, and the sounds of birds and chatter of monkeys takes up around you. Until one moment it all stops, and you can feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. All you can hear is your own breath. And then there is it, the soft moan of a tree branch under the weight of something much large than a monkey or bird. You try to move, but fear paralyzes you. Something jumps from a great height, but lands with grace, hardly making a sound despite its proximity to you. A low, feral growl breaks the silence, but you can't bring yourself to look at the source. You close your eyes as something lashes out, and claws rake down your leg. Blood begins to flow freely from them, and you hold back a sob. You stand there, waiting for the next attack, waiting for your life to end. It is not until sometime later, dizzy by the loss of blood, that you dare open your eyes. Whatever attacked you is long gone, but the wound that it inflicted upon you is very real. What will you do now?
Response: I will look for a stream or river, a place to clean my wound. Meanwhile, I will rip a section from my pants and use it to staunch the blood flow.
Day Seven: This prompt has been moved to "Week Two Day One".

Llama’s Interview (2.2) 

Hello Llama! I’ll be your interviewer, River. You look lovely today, by the way. Ready to jump right into the questions? -River

• Why did you choose your favorite outfit?

Well, I really liked teenymoose’s design because of the colors and overall sort of air feel to it. They did an excellent job with the color scheme!

• What is your weapon of choice? Or rather, what would you run to first at the Cornucopia?

My weapon of choice would be some kind of staff or throwing knife, but I would prefer to just grab a pack and run.

• What other fandoms (besides your own) do you enjoy?

I’m a big fan of Sherlock, Harry Potter, Danny Phantom, Percy Jackson, and a bunch of others too.

• Who would you join in an alliance with, if you could?

Probably with District 6 (Sherlock). Their tracking could be quite handy.

• How does it feel to be a tribute? Are you excited, scared, nervous?

I can honestly say I never thought I’d be an actual tribute. I’m terrified that I’m going to end up dying right away and end up disappointing the entire fandom. So, you know, no pressure or anything. I’m dealing with it like Korra said to.

• Anything else you’d like to add?

I’m tribute two from District 2 and you gotta deal with it!

Tribute Master Post 

District 1: MLP

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District 2: Avatar:TLA/LOK

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District 3: Dan Vs

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District 4: Torchwood

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District 5: Supernatural

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District 6: Sherlock

Tribute 1 | Tribute 2

District 7: Primeval

Tribute 1 | Tribute 2

District 8: Bones

Tribute 1 | Tribute 2

District 9: Samurai Jack

Tribute 1 | Tribute 2

District 10: Castle

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District 11: Doctor Who

Tribute 1 | Tribute 2

District 12: Invader Zim

Tribute 1 | Tribute 2

District 13: Young Justice

Tribute 1 | Tribute 2

If you want to track your tributes personal tag you can find the link via their bio, or by adding “/tagged/(district #).(tribute #)” to the end of our url.

For instance I would type “/tagged/1.1” for Jade.

District 2 | Tribute 2 

Name: Llama (piratedllama)

District Attribute: AVATAR can withstand the elements.

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